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The Rylo 360-degree video camera now works with Android

The compact device lets you edit and direct from your smartphone.

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Rylo is one of a handful of 360-degree cameras that only requires an editing suite as big as your smartphone. Much like the cheaper Insta360 One and more expensive GoPro Fusion, Rylo's companion mobile app lets you play editor and director. Users can set specific focal points or objects for the frame to follow within a 360-video after the fact, before sharing their masterpiece to Instagram or Facebook. With two 208-degree lenses, 4K video resolution and auto-stabilization tech, it's a pretty neat little camera. Since launching last fall, though, it's only worked with iPhones and iPads, but today, as promised, Android support has arrived.

It's not quite that simple, though. While anyone can download the app, not every Android device is equipped to handle 360-degree video. But fret not, for Rylo has published a list of recommended devices with which the camera is fully compatible -- pretty much just the latest Samsung Galaxys and Google Pixels. Also noted are a few handsets that are supported but can't export 360-degree video, and a number of smartphones that simply don't have the right hardware to play nice with Rylo. The list is relatively short, but you can assume if you have a newish top-tier device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, it's likely to be compatible.

Other than a different sync cable to get Rylo talking to your Android phone, you get the same camera and accessories in the box for the same $499 price. Now all an Android user needs is a life adventurous and exciting enough to justify the purchase.

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