Microsoft is selling customized Samsung Galaxy S9 phones (updated)

They're aimed at people who want Microsoft products front and center.

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Chris Velazco/Engadget
Chris Velazco/Engadget

Remember those Microsoft-customized Samsung Galaxy S8 phones? Well, apparently it's happening again. Microsoft is selling both a Samsung Galaxy S9 ($720) and the S9 Plus ($840) in its online store. Hardware-wise (and price-wise), these phones are identical to any other Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Things are basically identical on the software front, too, though Microsoft noted in a statement to Engadget that these phones can be customized with its own apps after purchase.

"The Samsung Galaxy S9 available at Microsoft Store is the same phone you can purchase elsewhere," the statement reads. "Microsoft applications including Office, OneDrive, Cortana and Outlook do not come preinstalled, but when you purchase from a Microsoft Store, our experts can personalize the device with Microsoft's productivity applications so every customer is able to work, play and connect on their device when they leave." In other words, Microsoft would be happy to kit out your shiny new S9, or you could just leave with your hard-won phone and learn to live a life with Bixby.

If you'd like to reserve one of these phones, you can pre-order a unit starting today. Delivery will begin on March 16th, but Microsoft notes that quantities are limited.

Update: Microsoft clarified in a statement that there are no differences in software between standard versions of the S9 and the phones it sells itself.

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