Instagram's shoppable posts spread to eight more countries

Like it or not, commerce is here to stay.

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Instagram is betting on shopping as its next big step, and that means making it available beyond US borders. Accordingly, the social photo service has started trotting out its shopping feature to eight more countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The experience remains the same: tap on a brand's post and you'll see tags you can follow to get more information about products and make purchases. How soon you'll see it will depend on companies taking advantage of the feature.

Naturally, the company is touting the effectiveness of the service so far. Lulus could credit 1,200 orders and over 100,000 sessions -- even if visitors didn't fork over money, they at least showed interest in the goods. And that's why you're likely to see these shoppable posts become relatively commonplace, even if you never once fork over cash. Instagram was already an advertising vehicle, and it's hard to imagine companies shying away now that you can do more than stare at photos of their offerings.

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