Bentley is the latest luxury car maker committing to EVs

The company's lead designer wants to 'establish a completely new design language.'

Just a few weeks after Bentley unveiled its first all-electric concept convertible, a lead designer confirmed that the car company known for its gas-guzzling vehicles could start making electric cars fairly soon. Bentley is just the latest in a long line of car makers planning to go electric, of course, with Toyota, Volvo, Porsche, Audi and of course Tesla all in the race to supply our electric car future.

According to AutoBlog, Bentley is planning on using the same electric architecture as the Porche's Mission E, making for a faster, stronger and farther-ranging automobile. "A full electric Bentley is something I am extremely convinced we have to do," design director Stefan Seilaff told Auto Express. "It should be a four or five-seater and it should also have the possibility to carry a little bit of luggage, maybe not for five people."