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Lytro is shutting down, but some employees may head to Google

Rumor has it Mountain View paid $40 million for the company and its tech.

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Lytro made a name for itself by allowing you to take a photo and then change the focus point after the fact. Its "Light Field" cameras never really took off, though, and neither did its pivot to pro-styled cameras and virtual reality. Now the company has announced that as of today it won't be "taking on any new productions or providing professional services as we prepare to wind down the company."

Last week the rumor was that Lytro was being picked up by Google for $40 million, in addition to its patents and technology. Last December, Lytro shut down its photo sharing network. With how hard Google is going on VR, the acquisition makes sense. With I/O coming up soon, maybe we'll hear more about the acquisition in short order.

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