The Genesis Essentia Concept is the automotive future we were promised

This needs to go into production right now.

The Essentia is what I expected all cars to look like after the year 2000. Alas, vehicles still pretty much look the same now as they did way back in the 80s. But that shouldn't stop the luxury arm of Hyundai, Genesis, from putting this car in showrooms as quick as possible to satisfy my childhood dreams.

Unveiled at the New York Auto Show, the pure electric Essentia coupe hits all the marks with its bubble roof, butterfly doors and body panels crafted from carbon fiber. To get those doors open, the car uses biometric fingerprint and facial recognition scanners to make sure you're the driver. Just walk up, get scanned, and the car comes alive.

The interior of the car at the show is a bold red with blue dash accents. If Superman needed a car, he'd have this interior. The dash is a series of screens (as you would expect) and supports voice recognition. Genesis says you'll be able to have two-way conversations with the car, which I assume means it's like talking to KITT from Knight Rider.

The car will also connect to your smart home, not that you would ever want to go back to your house if you ever got behind the wheel of the Essentia. But this is a concept car, which means no matter how many emails I send to Genesis, it's unlikely this car will ever appear in showrooms. But as a design template for the luxury brand, there is the possibility that a tamer, more refined version of this car will go into production sometime in the future. Let's just hope it keeps the bubble roof.

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