Amazon Studios stops taking amateur scripts on June 30th

It may reflect the company's shift toward blockbuster shows.

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Earl Gibson III/Getty Images
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

For years, Amazon Studios has held an open call for concept and script submissions. You could send an idea to the company and not only make it publicly available, but (if you were lucky) see it developed as an honest-to-goodness Prime Video production. However, you'll now have to scramble for an alternative. Amazon is closing the open call on June 30th, 2018. You'll still have access to the companion Storybuilder and Storywriter tools, but you won't be showing Amazon the fruits of that labor.

If you still have dreams of creative glory, the company suggests submitting work to Withoutabox, IMDb Pro (where you can connect to other creatives) or publishing to Prime Video Direct.

The company hasn't explained the reasoning behind the shutdown besides "looking for ways to become even more efficient." We've asked Amazon for more details. However, it comes after a fundamental shift in Amazon's Prime Video strategy. The internet giant is now focused on creating blockbuster shows with major properties and extravagant budgets -- and that typically means playing it safe by relying on established production teams instead of amateur submissions. Combine that with Amazon's increased clout in securing deals and there just isn't as much demand for submissions, even if it reduces the chances of a surprise hit from a relative newcomer.

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