Pandora Premium arrives on Xbox One

Stream your favorite music while you're gaming.

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Pandora has dragged its heels expanding its Premium service beyond mobile -- a web player only arrived in February, nearly a year after the mobile launch. But now it's opening up its offerings further still. From today, you'll be able to use the streaming service on Xbox One while you're gaming.

It'll work in much the same way as it does on web and mobile -- search and play your favorite albums, create the perfect gaming playlist and so on -- but with a couple of new features. The Xbox One version has a refreshed look, making it easier to navigate your music collection, and includes background audio support and an autoplay function that means you'll never be left sitting in silence when your gaming gets too intense to pause and find something else to listen to.

Xbox One fans don't have a huge amount of choice when it comes to on-demand background-streaming music services. Since Groove -- which was first on the scene -- is no more, Pandora's main rival Spotify has taken the top spot. Whether Pandora will overtake Spotify as the gamer's streaming service of choice is yet to be seen, but its arrival on Xbox One certainly increases competition between the two.

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