Facebook is testing cloud-saved photos and videos in India (updated)

No local storage required.

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Shailesh Andrade / Reuters
Shailesh Andrade / Reuters

Facebook's latest tools take a glitch from the "download your data" and turn it into a feature. After a forthcoming update, you'll be able to save media directly to your account, share voice messages and archive any evaporating Stories you might want to keep around. According to The Verge, saving and archiving will be an option from the app's camera tab.

The updates will begin rolling out in India with a worldwide release soon thereafter. Why India? Well, local storage for smartphones is expensive in the region. Google, for instance, designed its Android One platform for developing nations and regularly uses India's gadget and data limitations as inspiration for features as well. We've reached out to Facebook for more information and will update this post should it arrive.

Update: Facebook confirmed the features and provided screenshots, but didn't give any details on when they'd be available around the world.

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