Sprint offers free LTE data to anyone who buys a Snapdragon PC

Only till the end of 2018, though.

The best thing about Qualcomm and Microsoft's "Always Connected PC" platform is the promise of being online anywhere, anytime. But that can also come at a cost -- data isn't free. That is, until now. Sprint is offering free unlimited 4G LTE to anyone who has a Snapdragon-powered PC, namely the ASUS NovaGo, the HP Envy x2 and the Lenovo Miix 630. The free data dries up on Dec. 31, 2018, after which you can cancel your subscription or pay $15 a month ($10 if you enable AutoPay). Note that you'll still have to pay "taxes, fees and surcharges," and be subject to "speed maximums."

It's not clear how or if you'd get this deal if you already own one of these laptops, or whether this is meant to entice new customers to buying them. The page was published without any fanfare from the carrier or partners like Qualcomm, Microsoft, HP, ASUS and Lenovo, so this seems like preparation for upcoming news. It also doesn't appear as if Sprint is going to sell the devices directly. Since eSIM technology hasn't been deployed by major US carriers yet, you'll likely have to go to a store to get a compatible SIM and activate your PC's free LTE.

Offering unlimited data on these devices is a great way to sweeten the deal -- imagine all the work you can get done in the back of cabs. That is, if Sprint's network holds up anyway. The carrier's done this before, by the way, giving away its LTE to get people to switch over from other carriers. We may learn more about this promotion soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you already have one of the eligible devices and tried signing up for this deal, let us know in the comments if it worked for you.