Hulu’s live TV service surpasses 800,000 subscribers

It had around 450,000 subscribers in January.

During an interview with CNBC today, Hulu CEO Randy Freer said that the company's live TV service had surpassed 800,000 subscribers, with April being the best month yet for gaining new customers. The live service launched just over a year ago and in January, sources familiar with the company's numbers told CNBC that the live offering had around 450,000 subscribers at the time.

While Hulu currently trails more established rivals like Sling TV and DirecTV Now -- which have 2.2 million and 1.5 million subscribers, respectively -- it was doing better than fellow newcomer YouTube TV earlier this year. CNBC's sources reported in January that YouTube's live service had around 300,000 subscribers.

During the interview, Freer said he believed Hulu's on-demand service, which offers approximately 75,000 episodes of TV shows, will continue to attract live TV users and help it compete with its rivals. Along with its successful Handmaid's Tale series, Hulu will soon debut its Stephen King and JJ Abrams original Castle Rock and will add Viceland shows and a New York Times documentary news show to its on-demand service.