Polls are here for Facebook Messenger Stories

Just like on Instagram and Facebook proper.

Facebook announced quite a few changes and additions to its Messenger app at its recent F8 event, including a planned redesign and a way to buy Nike sneakers and other products in AR. Now the company is bringing polls over to Messenger Stories, making it simple to share a status update and ask your buddies what they think about it.

You can already add a poll to your regular Messenger chats as well as your Instagram and Facebook Stories, so it makes sense to bring them over to Messenger Stories. Now you'll be able to poll a larger selection of friends without having to create a specific group chat for that purpose. It's easy to create a new poll - just tap the polls sticker and place it wherever you want. You'll be prompted to add a question and answers for voting, then your friends will start voting once you've shared it. They can see real-time results for the poll, too, and it will update every time they go back to watch your story. Plus, if someone wants to comment on your poll, they can just type a reply at the bottom to open a Messenger conversation with you.