'PUBG' celebrates 50 million sales with first Steam discount

Purchase before July 5 for $10 off.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now enjoying its first Steam sale since launch. According to a recent Steam update, the price reduction -- a 33% discount which brings the price of admission down to $19.99 -- honors an important milestone: 50 million global sales.

PUBG originally came out as an early access title in 2017, and despite its popularity, the survival shooter has attracted criticism over its progression system, map sizes, and the inability to choose desired maps. In response, PUBG Corp gave players the power to select a map of their choice, delivered additional zones -- the third map, Sanhok, is available this Friday -- and is promising more stable gameplay and doubling down on its efforts to improve server quality. Also coinciding with Sanhok's launch is the 'Event Pass', a trackable progression that offers a new way to unlock content like extra missions and non-tradable items.