Samsung updates its stylish Frame TVs with more features and artwork

Shush, pretend you didn't notice it.

Samsung's classy Frame TVs have returned, enhanced for 2018 with more art and four magnetic bezel cover options to ensure the expansive 4K Frames fit into the decor of even more homes. The new TVs come with an updated, improved artwork UI, making it easier to browse art collections by color scheme or art medium, if, for example you were only looking for photography to jazz up your lounge. (Samsung has added 30 iconic pieces of photography from The New York Times, in that regard.) Frame 2018 owners can also save a personalized art collection that the TV will shuffle through when on standby. There's no 43-inch model this time, so you'll have to decide between the 55- and 65-inch options.

When it's behaving more like a TV, you'll get a HDR10+-augmented picture on its 4K screen, as well the upgraded features Samsung has already added to its 2018 QLED lineup. These center on easier device setup, with the ability to transfer all those password-based logins from your smartphone and Samsung's Universal Guide which will learn from what you watch and curate what you should binge next.

Oh and there's Bixby. Moving on.

The Frame uses motion and brightness sensors to adjust the picture output to ensure better approximations of all those high-resolution artworks, and the new model comes with four magnetic bezel options (black, white, walnut and beige wood) to suit the decor of your manor. The 2018 models keeps the single "One Invisible Connection" cable which, while still not actually invisible, is a far more attractive option than the mess of cables most of us are trying to cope with.

Guess what else the Frame eliminates? Dollars. Prices for the Frame 2018 start at $1,999 for the smaller 55-inch model, or $2,799 for the 65-inch living room panel. And if you can handle those prices, you can buy the updated Frame today on Samsung's own site. Both 55- and 65-inch models coming to electronics retailers later this month.