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The Morning After: Microsoft's smaller Surface

And Ford's electric hello.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Ever thought that the only problem with Microsoft's Surface tablet is that it's too big? We have some good news for you, plus a dive into Ford's electrification plans and information on the iOS update that you should install ASAP.

Not quite a Surface 3 sequel.Microsoft's $399 Surface Go is its smallest tablet yet

After plenty of bigger, powerful hybrid PCs, Microsoft is trying something different. Enter the $399 Surface Go, the company's smallest and cheapest 10-inch tablet. At first, it's difficult to tell that the Go is actually a new member of the Surface family. It doesn't look that much different to the Surface 3. But get up close and you'll notice the changes. The 10-inch screen is almost a full inch smaller. And you'll definitely notice how much lighter it is when you pick it up. Power-wise, Surface Go has a dual-core, four-thread Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor. Microsoft claims it's around 30 percent faster than the Surface 3's quad-core Atom -- this isn't a high-end machine, it's something far more portable.

Get ready for a hybrid F-Series truck.Ford is saying goodbye to cars and hello to batteries

Ford made waves recently when it announced it would stop producing cars (except for the iconic Mustang) -- in favor of SUVs, trucks and other large vehicles -- for the United States. But there's another big change going on at Ford: the move to electrification.

"With (Ford CEO Jim) Hackett, we're all in. We're going to be bigger and we want to change the process," said Ted Cannis, Ford's global director of battery electric vehicles. The automaker is adjusting to a rapidly changing automotive world and that means dropping vehicles that no longer sell (cars) and making sure that its lineup is electrified.

It's a two-year project, but the issue has been plaguing them for a decade.Japan is spending years making one train line a minute faster

The efficiency of Japan's bullet trains is a modern marvel, and now JR East wants to increase it even further. The company began a two-year construction project that will get passengers from Ueno to Omiya an entire one minute faster (at most).

Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.Jaden Smith's latest album is only available on Instagram

The son of Will Smith, anime voice actor and occasional rapper has debuted SYRE: The Electric Album, a reinterpretation of his album from last year, solely through Instagram.

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