Netflix refreshes TV interface with a handy navigation bar

The update is all about finding things to watch much faster.

Netflix is giving its TV interface a fresh lick of paint with an update that should make navigation a little easier. A new bar on the left of the screen lets you jump to the TV show and movie catalogs, depending on what you're in the mood for. You can also check out all of the latest content Netflix has added in the New tab. So, when the new seasons of Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things arrive, you'll know where to find them quickly. The bar lets you access search and My List in a flash too -- you'll no longer need to scroll through a bunch of rows in the home screen to find everything you've saved for later viewing.

The company says the update required extensive research, testing and tech improvements. As with video previews, this refresh is all about spending less time scrolling through titles for something you want to watch, and more time actually kicking back with a show or movie. Netflix is rolling out the update to everyone today.