Plex adds offline podcast playback

Switching from other apps should be easy, thanks to a new import tool.

Plex is shifting podcasts out of beta to make them a fully fledged part of its media streaming suite. The move brings a few more features too, including offline listening, which is essential for any podcast service. You can set the number of episodes you'd like to hoard on your device, and automatically delete episodes once you've heard them. Plex also lets you listen to podcasts through Sonos speakers, Android Auto and Chromecast devices. The new additions complement existing features, including cross-device playback and marking episodes you've listened to.

If you'd like to make the switch to Plex for your podcast needs but don't fancy manually adding every single one of your favorite shows, there's now a way around that. On iOS, Android and the web, there's an option to import an OPML file of all your feeds. Most podcast apps like Apple Podcasts (via iTunes), Pocket Casts and Overcast all let you export your feeds, so switching shouldn't be complicated.