Magic Leap's mixed reality headset might launch today


Magic Leap might finally launch its headset -- or announce when it will launch the device -- today. The secretive company's founder, Rony Abovitz, has tweeted hints that seem to point at an event for August 8th. Two of his tweets are illustrations of a flying Magic Leaper (which went out at 8:08PM) and a rocket ready for takeoff, while the third is a link to a Wikipedia article that leads to Roland TR-808. His Twitter banner is also trippy illustration of a Magic Leaper surrounded by flying whales with the numbers 8, 8 and 18 hidden in the background. If you go to the company's website, you'll see a rocket starting to take off, as well.

Magic Leap kept its technology close to the vest for years, but it has become more forthcoming in recent months. After announcing that it plans to launch one of its mixed reality headsets this summer -- yes, it intends to release several models -- the company showed off an AR demo and gave us a sneak peek of its operating system within weeks of each other. Abovitz didn't say what time the company will make its big reveal, but we'll definitely keep you posted.