Google Go can now read any website out loud

Yes, the app can read this article for you.

Google Go, the tech giant's search app optimized for emerging markets, can now read this article out loud. In fact, the company has updated its browser with the ability to read web pages in 28 different languages using a natural sounding voice that works even on a 2G connection. The tech giant has announced the new feature at its annual event in India, which is one of the markets Android Go was created for. According to Google, the app's new ability uses AI to determine the most important parts of a web page -- it will only read those sections and leave out everything else. For instance, if it's reading a cooking blog, users don't have to listen to it drone on and on about a writer's life story before reaching the recipe itself.

Since Android Go was designed for affordable phones with the most basic of specs, some devices built for the platform could also have relatively tiny screens. This ability can make it easier for users to consume written content in the same way one would listen to audio (or to the audio of a video) while doing something else, like exercising or cooking, or while on the go. However, it will probably be the most useful for those with visual or reading impairments. As an added bonus, the browser displays what it's reading and highlights each word as it goes, so those studying another language can use the feature as a learning tool.