Dolby Vision HDR is ready for testing on Xbox One

Just add an Xbox One X or One S, compatible TV and Netflix subscription.

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Microsoft promised Dolby Vision HDR support for the Xbox One and starting today, testers with an Xbox One S or Xbox One X (and a compatible 4K TV) can try it out with Netflix streaming. Dolby's expansion on HDR10 -- that already drastically improves the capabilities for lighting and contrast -- adds 12-bit color support plus features for content publishers to adjust settings for the best lighting and color in each scene.

Most owners of Ultra HD TVs with Dolby Vision and 4K probably already have an app built-in that will stream the right content, but now they can enjoy it without switching back and forth. There's still no word on support for Dolby Vision-ready 4K Blu-ray discs, but at least this step is done.

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