Bumble adds a 'Snooze' feature to encourage digital detox

It's just the latest company to recognize the perils of screen time.

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More and more app developers are recognizing that sometimes, it's good to take a break from your phone and other devices. Bumble is the latest company to take part in this trend. The dating, networking and friendship set of apps now offers a "Snooze" mode, which allows you to take a break for a day, three days, a week or indefinitely.

I've been using Bumble BFF to meet people after moving to a new area, but I now have other things to focus on because I'm pregnant and in my third trimester. I had already turned off all notifications on the app and was close to deleting it when this very welcome feature became available. It's not just about digital detox, though that's important. It's also that sometimes our lifestyles change and our apps need to accommodate that.

Turning on Snooze was easy enough; I went into Bumble BFF's settings and the Snooze option was right in front of me, ready to be toggled. According to The Verge, if you're turning it on for the dating app, you can set a status message explaining why you're away (but aren't required to), whether that's vacation, work, cutting down screen time or something else entirely. That didn't appear to be an option for BFF.

Bumble is among many different tech companies realizing that being addicted to our smartphones can take a toll on our health. Both Android Pie and Apple's iOS 12 will include digital wellbeing features intended to help users cut down on screen time.

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