MoviePass product chief leaves after six months

If there's going to be a turnaround, it's going to take a while longer.

If MoviePass was hoping that recent talent additions would help it escape its financial woes, it might want to put those dreams on hold. The company has confirmed to Variety that Chief Product Officer Mike Berkley has left the company about six months after he joined. It's not certain why he left, although MoviePass had recruited him to improve the user experience at a time when its subscriber count was growing at a breakneck pace.

Whatever the exact reason, the departure wouldn't be that surprising. However much Berkley helped, the company has spent most of its recent history scaling back its service (and using creative account changes) in a bid to stay afloat. There have also been other short-lived tenures -- marketing chief Natasha Muller joined in January and left in May. MoviePass' performance hasn't inspired a lot of confidence, and executives might not want to stay put as a result.