Sacramento Kings use next-gen texting to send tickets and schedules

You don't need email or an app to keep up with the team.

Updated ·1 min read

The Sacramento Kings are still as obsessed with technology as ever, although their latest move could be particularly helpful in the long run. The basketball team has teamed up with Zipwhip to become the first pro sports outfit to use next-gen RCS texting. The richer format lets the Kings send tickets, schedules and other rich info without making you check your email or use a specialized app -- you can just use the same texting app you would to message your friends.

The feature is available now through the Kings' toll-free number (833-91KINGS). There's just one problem: since RCS is still very young, there's a good chance you can't use it yet. RCS messages will start out limited to Android phones on Sprint's network. If you're on another carrier or use an iPhone, you'll have to receive your game info the old-fashioned way.

Nonetheless, this might be a peek at how sports teams operate in the future. They aren't about to give up on email or apps, but they could provide instant, relatively painless info for fans who'd rather not split their attention across multiple apps.