Amazon Echo Sub and Smart Plug leak ahead of event

Alexa, kick out the jams.

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You might just be looking at some of the Alexa-powered devices due to show at Amazon's rumored hardware event this month. Pocket-lint has spotted listings (since pulled) for the Echo Sub wireless subwoofer (above) and Smart Plug (below), both of which see Amazon venturing into unfamiliar territory. The Sub adds 100W of bass to an Echo or Echo Plus setup, whether it's one speaker or two -- yes, stereo pairing would also be new. It reportedly cost £75 (about $99) when it shipped on October 11th, which might be a small price to pay if your rap or trance isn't sufficiently room-shaking.

The Smart Plug, meanwhile, is fairly self-explanatory: it's a wall wart that brings basic Alexa voice control to any device, no smart home hub required. You could turn off a light or power up the coffee machine without having to upgrade either of them. There's room for skepticism over the price, however. While Amazon listed the same October 11th release date, it also gave the Smart Plug a staggering £95 ($125) price. That's far pricier than existing smart plugs, and there's nothing to indicate that Amazon's device is particularly special beyond the Alexa link. This may be a placeholder price rather than the exact amount you'll pay.

Amazon Smart Plug

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