Telltale stops selling 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season'

It's 'temporarily' unavailable online as the studio figures out how to complete the game.

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Saqib Shah
September 26th, 2018

Telltale has temporarily removed the final season of The Walking Dead from digital game stores. Head to its GOG page and you'll be greeted with the following message: "Telltale has requested a temporary pause of sales of The Walking Dead - Final Season." It's also no longer available on Steam or console either, reports The Verge. The now-defunct studio reportedly confirmed to Polygon that season pass sales have been "halted" as it works out how to "finish the final two episodes." We've reached out to Telltale to find out what's going on and will update this article with its response. Of course, a "temporary pause" implies the game should be back at some point.

Telltale shut down last week, laying off most of its employees as a result and throwing doubt on the future of the The Walking Dead's concluding chapter. With two of its four instalments yet to be released, the abrupt removal isn't a promising sign for the game - this in spite of Telltale's assurances that "potential partners" are interested in "seeing it through to completion."

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