Samsung unveils Exynos chips built for connected cars

It's offering camera sensors, too.

Samsung's Exynos processors are no longer confined to mobile devices and the occasional smartwatch. The company has launched Exynos Auto and Isocell Auto brands that will respectively make chips and camera sensors for connected cars. The Exynos line will include chips devoted to specific aspects of on-the-road technology, including driver assistance (Exynos Auto A), infotainment (Auto V) and telematics (Auto T). Isocell sensors, meanwhile, currently include three models that range from 960p to 4K.

To some extent, Samsung is using the new Auto badging to wring out extra revenue from its semiconductor business. It won't be quite so dependent on phone and tablet sales. And when the company is increasingly invested in autonomous driving and other smart car technologies, it only makes sense to offer components designed explicitly for on-the-road computing.