Adobe's 'Fast Mask' can edit one object across an entire video clip

Adobe's potential new tools may excite creators and editors.

Last night at Adobe Max's Sneaks session, a showcase unveiling potential software features, comedian Tiffany Haddish and Adobe evangelist Paul Trani announced ten new tools that the company is exploring. The sneaks run the gamut from fun voice-to-music features to impressively useful tools like Smooth Operator, an intelligent vertical video cropping tool.

Sneaks could end up as part of an application within the Adobe Creative Cloud, or they could stand alone -- or Adobe may not choose to move forward with them at all. There are some pretty interesting applications in this year's sneaks, however, and some of could have very cool implications for photo and video editors.

So, about that voice-to-music tool, it's called Project Kazoo, and it turns your voice into an instrument. The practical application is that you can sing to your computer and easily create your own soundtracks with just your voice -- and a very helpful assist from Adobe's AI-enable Sensei technology.

Another highlight is Project Fast Mask, which should delight video editors for sure. Fast Mask allows you to select an entire object (a person, for example) with just a few clicks. The feature then works across multiple frames of the video, meaning you select the object once and can edit the rest of the video around it. Project Fast Mask also uses Adobe Sensei to reduce a very time-consuming process to just a few clicks.

Got complex vector graphics you want to edit? Project Good Bones may be just the ticket for you. After selecting a full graphic, Project Good Bones creates a skeleton and "handles" for the graphic which you can manipulate however you want. Similar to Project Fast Mask, Good Bones takes a once arduous process and replaces it with to a simple, easy-to-use function. It's pretty powerful, time-saving technology that could be a real benefit for designers and artists down the line.

To read about other Adobe sneaks or to learn more about these, head over to Adobe's blog or watch the entire Adobe MAX Sneaks presentation here.