Buick adds Yelp Reservations to its car dashboards

Next time you're craving a burrito, hit up the Marketplace app.

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Until Buick lets you order coffee and fuel with your voice, you'll have to stick to using your digits. The brand launched its Marketplace app for its in-car infotainment system late last year and it's been adding new services ever since. Yelp Reservations is the latest to make the cut, allowing you to book a table at thousands of restaurants up and down the country.

With access to Yelp's 160 million restaurant reviews, it could also lead to you discovering your new favorite pizza place. According to Buick, this marks the first time Yelp Reservations has been integrated in vehicles. The service lets you search using filters (including types of cuisine) within a 25-mile radius and reserve a table for up to six people. If you prefer to have a chat with a real person, Yelp will also let you call the restaurant directly.

Marketplace is currently available in all 2017-and-later Buick models in the US. The Buick brand itself is breaking out of the US, where it's struggled of late, into China -- where it's being pitched as a luxury alternative to GM's popular, local option Baojun.

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