Samsung to reveal foldable phone features this week

A developer's conference in San Francisco is a good place to debut the software first.

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Richard Lawler
November 6th, 2018
Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

As Samsung Mobile's CEO suggested months ago, the company is preparing to release some details of its "foldable phone" during a developer's conference in San Francisco -- and as seen by the logo treatment below, its social media accounts are fully prepared. In a call with reporters after releasing its quarterly earnings last week, exec Lee Kyeong-tae explained that it would show off some of the UI features to explain how it improves multitasking, usable as a phone when it's folded or as a tablet when opened.

According to Reuters, we may see some "detailed images" of the device, even if the hardware itself doesn't make an appearance. We're already anticipating seeing a foldable phone from LG at CES, so while we may have to wait for device details, starting off by explaining why such a device should be anticipated seems like a good idea. The conference itself is a two-day event on Wednesday and Thursday, with the keynote kicking off at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET) on the 7th.

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