More early Black Friday 2018 deals

The big day is fast approaching, and we have new picks.

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Apple Watch Series 3 38mm

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $200; deal price: $280

This drops the Series 3 38mm, and the 42mm ($230) to the best prices we've seen to date, almost $60 below recent sales.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the budget pick in our guide to Apple Watches. Nick Guy and Dan Frakes write, "It was introduced in 2017, but it offers most of the features and experience of the Series 4 at a significantly lower price. The Series 3 models have smaller screens—the biggest obvious difference—aren't as speedy, don't do automatic workout detection, and won't support the Series 4's ECG feature or fall detection. Even so, the Series 3 is still fast, designed with the same GPS features and swim-friendly waterproofing, and equipped with a bright screen that's easy to see outside."

Kano Computer Kit

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $150; deal price: $99

We haven't seen a sale this good since Black Friday 2017.

The Kano Computer Kit is featured in our guide to learning toys and STEM toys we love. Courtney Schley writes, "A great gift for 'a curious kid of any age who has mastered Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, and LEGOs but isn't quite up for soldering (or old enough for an electrical engineering degree program).' The kit, which is accessible for kids as young as six, has you assemble a small, portable computer using a Raspberry Pi 3 processor with 1 GB RAM, a wireless keyboard and touchpad, a speaker, and cables."

Razer Elite

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $54; deal price: $40

Down to the best price we've seen by a couple bucks, our top pick has everything you'll need in a gaming mouse.

The Razer Elite is the top pick in our guide to the best gaming mouse. Thorin Klosowski writes, "it's comfortable for a wide range of hand sizes and grips, has seven easy-to-reach buttons and an accurate sensor, and has a simple, effective design. Razer's Synapse software is easy to use on both Windows and Mac, and it supports all the customization options you could possibly want."

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $50; deal price: $24

The best price we've seen on an individual unit of the newest generation Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is an also great pick in our guide to Amazon's Alexa devices. Grant Clauser writes, "For a lot less than the full-size Echo, and with the ability to connect wirelessly to your choice of speaker or sound system, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a smart option. The new Dot is slightly larger than the old one, has a fabric cover like the main Echo, and overall looks less like a tuna can than the original. It includes volume and microphone buttons on top like the current Echo (and the original Dot)."

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Fitness Tracker

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $270; deal price: $200

This new low is a big $70 drop below the street price.

The Garmin Vívoactive 3 is an upcoming upgrade pick in our soon-to-be-updated guide to the best GPS running watch. Amy Roberts writes, "Available with optional onboard music, [it] is technically more an advanced activity tracker than a GPS running watch. It made our list in part because DC Rainmaker reviewed it favorably for the latter use, and because I personally enjoyed the previous version of the Vívoactive HR for running."

Xbox Games Pass 12-Month Membership

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $120; deal price: $70

A huge $50 drop for the Xbox annual subscription that allows you access to a good variety of their games. This isn't the same as their Live service, but for those getting a new Xbox, can be a great way to catch up on the library.

We mention the Xbox Games Pass in our guide to the best game consoles. Thorin Klosowski writes,"The Xbox One S also has a subscription service called Game Pass, where you can access a library of current and previous-generation games for $100 per year, just like with PlayStation Now. Neither Game Pass nor PlayStation Now includes just-released games, but Game Pass offers a much better selection of current-generation games, such as Gears of War 4 and Halo 5."

Ring 2 + Echo Dot

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $200; deal price: $140

This deal is active again, and it's still a great price. With the Ring 2 itself being a worthy deal at $140, the extra Echo Dot makes this tough to beat.

The Ring 2 is the top pick in our guide to the best smart doorbell. Jon Chase and Stacey Higginbotham write, "The most versatile of Ring's line of doorbell cams, [it] is easy to install and can be powered either by your existing doorbell wiring or with an included removable rechargeable battery—versatility no other model can claim. Ring's smartphone alerts are consistent and fast, and recorded video always looks crisp and bright."

Mophie Powerstation AC Portable Laptop Charger

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $200; deal price: $140

The first deal and a new low on our pick in our new portable laptop charging guide.

The Mophie Powerstation is the main pick in our guide to portable laptop chargers. Sarah Witman writes, "Mophie's Powerstation AC is the portable laptop charger we'd buy ourselves. With enough power output to keep a 15-inch laptop running, it charged our MacBook Air to nearly full even with the screen brightness up and video playing. But even with the extra power, it's the smallest we tested and one of the lightest, too. It's stylish and professional-looking, yet well-protected from dings and scratches, and its slim shape makes it easy to slip into a backpack pocket or briefcase."

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7/8 Plus

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $60; deal price: $35

An all-time low for this case.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is featured in our guide to the best iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases. Nick Guy writes, "The larger battery in the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus means you're less likely to need a battery case for it, but if you do, your only MFi-certified option so far is Mophie's Juice Pack Air. Available in five colors, the Juice Pack Air houses a 2,420 mAh battery. In our tests, it provided 60 percent of a full charge in just over an hour and a half to the iPhone 7 Plus, and about 62 percent to the iPhone 8 Plus."

Master & Dynamic MH40

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $250; deal price: $200

While this is a former step-up pick in our guide to the best everyday audiophile headphones, at this brand new low, it's well worth considering.

The Master & Dynamic MH40 was featured in our guide to the best everyday audiophile headphones. Lauren Dragan writes, "The MH40 headphones have a fun sound that isn't completely natural. There is a slight bump in the very high highs that lends an icy, metallic tinge to the treble, plus a moderate bass boost that can sound heavy-handed on already bass-forward tracks. Consonants stand out a little more than you'd expect, and on well-loved recordings, you'll notice the kick drum or synth bassline is more forward in the mix than you recall. It was this mildly colored sound that just edged the MH40 pair out of the top spots. Overall, they were comfortable, sounded great, and were undeniably cool and beautiful."

Google Home Mini

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $49; deal price: $25

A new low, and the best price we've seen per unit, even considering multi-pack sales.

The Google Home Mini is featured in our blog post comparing the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini. Grant Clauser writes, "We think more people may like the softer, rounded look of the Home Mini more than the Echo Dot, though neither is something to set in the middle of your dining room table." Additionally, "The Home Mini's larger and louder speaker beats that of the Echo Dot in out-of-the-box sound quality—although to be fair, they both sound pretty terrible on their own as music devices."

Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $220; deal price: $180

A brand new low, $10 below all previous sales, and only a few bucks more than refurbished models of this GPS.

The Garmin DriveSmart is the upgrade pick in our guide to the best car GPS. Rik Paul and Eric Adams write, "If you're also considering adding a dash cam to your car, we recommend the Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S. It provides all the features of our top pick, including Garmin's driver-friendly interface, precise directions, and array of driver alerts, but adds a quality dash cam along with camera-based safety features you can get only in a combined unit, such as forward-collision and lane-departure warnings. The camera also enhances navigation by showing a real-life view of the street once you get to your destination to help you more easily find it."

Speck Presidio Folio for iPhone XS Max

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $50; deal price: $25

An all-time low, this deal drops this case down to half the usual street price.

The Speck Presidio Folio is featured our guide to the best iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and X cases. Nick Guy writes, "It's one of the slimmest folios we've ever tested, and it combines a truly great case with a less-annoying-than-most cover. Having reviewed dozens of these folios and never truly loving any of them, it's the first one we actually considered using on a daily basis."

Fully Standing Desk and Home-Office Accessories

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $650; deal price: $550

Use code FULLYJARVIS to get $50 off the Fully Jarvis, our top standing desk. Bundle it with our top standing desk mat, the Ergodriven Topo, to save $20 on that, our runner-up desk lamp to save an additional $15, and our recommended monitor arm (the Fully Jarvis) to save $20 on that.

The Fully Standing Desk is a top pick in our guide to the best standing desk. Kevin Purdy and Mark Lukach write, "The Fully Jarvis Bamboo is more stable than almost any other desk for its price and looks better than desks costing twice as much. The lifting motor brings the desk up and down smoothly, the desk suffers no notable wobble or shake at its full height, and it never feels like it is going to tip forward or back, unlike some standing desks. The desk ships quickly, in secure packaging, arrives with instructions that are easy to follow, and requires just a Phillips-head screwdriver and an included hex wrench for assembly."

Still Active Deals:

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $550; deal price: $300

The first time we've ever seen a deal on these fantastic speakers, and a huge $250 below street price. Only available on the white models.

The KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers are the upgrade pick in our guide to the best bookshelf speakers for most stereos. Chris Heinonen writes, "If you can afford to spend more than $400, take a look at the KEF Q150 bookshelf speaker set, which our panel universally preferred if price was no object. In our tests the Q150 speakers sounded superior in every respect, from soundstage and detail to bass response and vocal clarity. Dedicated audiophiles should definitely pay extra for the KEF Q150 pair over the other speaker sets in this guide, but we think most people would be plenty happy with our less expensive picks."

Razer Kraken Pro V2 Gaming Headset

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $70; deal price: $50

Just $2 more than the recent low, but for once, available in both colors.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is the runner-up in our guide to the best gaming headsets. Dennis Burger writes, "In terms of sound, most of the Razer headsets that we've tested in the past have been quite bass-heavy, and the Kraken Pro V2 continues this trend. What sets it apart from its brethren is that it's never overwhelmed by its own bass. We never noticed the distortion common to other Razer offerings, even when subjecting it to heavy explosions and raucous gunfire."

Sennheiser HD1

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $325; deal price: $200

This upgrade pick just dropped significantly to a new low price, coming in at $125 below the street price.

The Sennheiser HD1 is the upgrade pick in our guide to the best bluetooth wireless headphones. Lauren Dragan writes, "Some people want the best of all worlds, no matter the cost. If that's you (and we totally get it if so), look to the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless. Of all the Bluetooth headphones we've tested, this pair is far and away the best sounding. It also offers the added benefits of excellent active noise cancelling, two dedicated microphones for extra-clear phone calls, 22 hours of battery life, and a very comfortable, stylish metal-and-leather chassis."

Logitech Circle 2 (Corded)

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $160; deal price: $100

Sales on this model have popped up a couple times the past few months, but none nearly this good. This deal is a new low and significantly below previous discounts.

The Logitech Circle 2 is the top pick in our guide to the best indoor security camera. Rachel Cericola writes, "The corded Logitech Circle 2 provides some of the most detailed images, and it's also one of the few cameras that provides continuous recording when activated by motion, 24 hours of free storage, a microphone and speaker, and options for more features through a paid Circle Safe account. It's also the only camera on our list that supports Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, so you can create routines to work with other smart-home gear, and it can double as an outdoor camera."

Philips Hue White A19 4-Pack Smart LED Light Bulbs

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $50; deal price: $40

As with other Philips Hue deals this year, this one matches previous lows and is unlikely to stick around for more than a couple days. These are a good affordable way to replace some of your existing lights, which may not require the color-shifting abilities of the other Hue bulbs.

The Logitech Circle 2 is the top pick in our guide to the best smart LED light bulbs. Grant Clauser writes, "The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 bulbs are the best all-around smart bulbs you can buy. The Hue bulbs do everything their competitors do, but their wider product and app ecosystem allows for more flexibility and creativity than any other smart bulb. Hue costs a bit more than the average smart bulb, but wide compatibility with other products and systems, such as Apple's HomeKit, Samsung's SmartThings hub, Amazon's Alexa (Echo/Dot), and Google Home, means you'll be able to do more with them than with other bulbs."

Instant Pot Ultra 6-Quart

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $150; deal price: $85

A new low for this size of the Ultra, coming in a full $15 below the previous low.

The Instant Pot Ultra 6-Quart is the upgrade pick in our guide to the best electric pressure cooker. Lesley Stockton writes, "If you can spend a bit more, the Instant Pot Ultra 6-Quart is even better than the Duo 6-Quart, with more features than we've seen on any electric multi-cooker. The Ultra has an all-digital interface with a streamlined single-knob control. It also offers a pressure indicator that's more visible when engaged, and a steam-release button separate from the float valve so there's less of a chance of mild steam burns when you're quickly releasing pressure from the pot. And the Ultra cooks foods as quickly and reliably as the Duo, with some extra functions like custom temperature control and an altitude-adjust function."

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $100; deal price: $65

The best price we've seen on an already affordable model, and one of the best prices we've ever seen on any Anova sous vide machine.

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is the top pick in our guide to the best sous vide machine and gear. Tim Barribeau and Nick Guy write, "The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is the best bet for most home cooks due to its accuracy, low price, relatively small size, and flexibility. It's one of the cheapest ways to get into sous vide cooking, and it works with a huge range of containers, meaning you probably don't need to buy any new hardware. The Anova Nano has an intuitive touchscreen interface. It also offers a beep alert when water has come to temperature, it has circuit-saving lower wattage, and is quieter than much of the competition."

Kindle PaperWhite (last gen)

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $120; deal price: $80

If you're willing to buy refurbished, you might find a better deal, but otherwise, this is a good price for the last gen Paperwhite.

The Kindle PaperWhite is the top pick in our guide to the best ebook readers. Nick Guy writes, "The 2018 Wi-Fi edition of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader for most people thanks to stellar hardware that makes reading your books a pleasure; a massive ebook catalog that frequently offers better prices than others; and a slew of services unavailable on other readers. You can comfortably navigate your collection, and find and purchase new titles (and download them over Wi-Fi)."

Vitamix 5200

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $400; deal price: $280

Just a little bit off the best price we've ever seen for this blender, which rarely goes on sale.

The Vitamix 5200 is the top pick in our guide to the best blender. Christine Cyr Clisset and Lesley Stockton write, "The Vitamix 5200 offers the best performance you can buy in a home blender. This model has been our overall favorite blender for four years, and it's the classic Vitamix that has remained the standard for pro chefs and blender enthusiasts. It consistently performed at the top of the pack in our tests, and it came recommended to us by multiple experts because it powerfully purees and pulverizes foods more reliably and thoroughly than most."

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $50; deal price: $40

A nice drop on our budget pick, and one of the best prices this year, but it's above the $33 we saw last Cyber Monday.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is the budget pick in our guide to gaming headsets. Dennis Burger says, "...we all agreed that Kingston's new HyperX Cloud Stinger is the clear choice for gamers looking to spend $50 or less on a new headset. Compared with most budget headsets, the Cloud Stinger is surprisingly well-built and comfortable thanks to its cushy headband and relaxed fit. In our tests, its audio performance was noticeably better than that of anything else in its price range, thanks to its beefy 50 mm drivers and well-balanced sound."

Denon AVR-S740H

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $455; deal price: $350

This price is a new low on our upcoming runner-up receiver pick, over $100 below the usual street price.

The Denon AVR-S740H is a former top pick in our guide to the best receiver, now our runner-up after a new round of testing. Chris Heinonen writes, "The Denon AVR-S730H stands out for its extensive feature set for the price. It has seven channels of amplification to support 7.1 systems (i.e. seven speakers and a subwoofer), as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and it can support a second, separately controlled stereo zone....Additionally, the room correction software from Audyssey sounds the best of the receivers in this price range, and an optional app lets you customize it more than the other room correction suites."

Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $40; deal price: $20

A new low by $5. While we expect to see more deals on this older generation model of the Echo Dot, they'll likely be in the $25 range.

The Echo Dot is an also great pick in our roundup of Amazon's smart speakers. Grant Clauser writes, "In this smaller package, the Dot gives you all the Alexa control and search features, and it includes a speaker that's good for hearing the Dot's voice and alarms or listening to talk radio, but it isn't nice enough for enjoying music. For music, you connect the Dot to any Bluetooth speaker or use a 3.5-millimeter stereo jack for a wired audio connection."

Sonos One

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $200; deal price: $175

The first deal we've seen since March where both colors are available. Sales on the Sonos One tend to only feature the black model.

The Sonos One is our top pick for the best multiroom wireless speaker system. Chris Heinonen writes, "The Sonos system is the best multiroom wireless speaker system because it supports the most services, and has a wide selection of great-sounding speakers, great search features, and a well-organized app that runs on almost all major platforms. Sonos keeps its platform up to date by adding more services all the time, introducing new features like Trueplay room-correction technology, and updating its models. The Sonos user experience is the best of any of the multiroom wireless speaker systems currently available."

Logitech C922X

Wirecutter Black Friday deals

Street price: $72; deal price: $50

We've seen the $50 price on this webcam before but it's never gone lower, and the previous deal didn't stick around long.

The Logitech C922X is our pick for game streamers in our guide to the best webcams. Andrew Cunningham and Kimber Streams write, "for regularly streaming video for an audience on sites like YouTube or Twitch, we really like Logitech's C922x Pro Stream Webcam. It looks almost identical to [our pick] the C920, and if you're just using Skype or Google Hangouts, the image quality is similar. The extra $20 to $30 in cost buys you support for 720p 60fps video recording and background replacement, as well as a tripod."

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