Plex now bundles Tidal's high-quality music streaming service

You can grab them both for $9.99 per month.

Going beyond your personal library of tunes, Plex is now offering access to high-quality music streaming service Tidal. Those willing to fork out $9.99 per month (or $8.99 for paying Plex Pass subscribers) will see Tidal's music catalog of 60 million tracks and 240,000 music videos available alongside their own Plex media files. Plex and Tidal are also seamlessly integrating their recommendation and discovery features, so you'll be shown new and old tracks, and albums, you may have missed.

Though these types of features are the norm for music streaming services, they should still appeal to completionists on Plex. As old-school downloaders will be aware, you can easily lose yourself to building the ultimate collection of tracks and albums by an artist. And a large streaming library could help plug any gaps in your personal archive. Tidal's focus on high-quality streaming also fits well with Plex's media-minded audience. And you'll be able to stream all those tunes on your Sonos speakers, and Plex's mobile and TV apps.

Both companies have been busy of late: Plex recently introduced podcasts and curated news channels, while Tidal leaped on to Amazon Echo speakers and Samsung's smartwatches in a bid to keep up with rivals Spotify and Apple Music.