Snapchat lenses now officially work on dogs

Because pets can't take selfies on their own.

Let's not kid ourselves, you've tried to use Snapchat's lenses on your dog before. Even if you've managed to make it work, Snapchat hasn't technically dog-friendly at the time. After adding lenses for cats last month, Snapchat announced that its camera will recognize dog faces just like it does humans. That means you can spend the holidays snapping better pictures of your family's pooch with animated pizza or reindeer antlers on its head.

The initial launch will have a handful of pup-friendly lenses and Snapchat promises more will be on the way in the near future. The dog lenses are just the latest extension of the company's improving object recognition. Last year Snapchat introduced filters that could identify food, sports equipment and pets and provide custom overlays based on what was in the frame.