Samsung's latest experiments include an ASMR recorder

There's also an AI desk lamp and a posture-correcting monitor stand.

CES is right around the corner, and that means Samsung is unveiling a new batch of C-Lab projects -- some stranger than others. Take aiMo, for instance. It's an ASMR recording tool that combines a phone with a case that simulates the human ear, right down to the shape. It looks silly, to say the least, but it promises both better spatial audio and more realistic sounds thanks to some AI sound rendering magic. In theory, you can produce top-notch tingling audio wherever you are, even when you're outside.

The other projects are eyebrow-raisers, too. Girin is a sensor-based monitor stand that adjusts the display position to correct your posture -- if you're slouching, it'll find ways to make you sit upright. Alight, meanwhile, is an AI- and camera-equipped desk lamp that adjusts the light based on what you're trying to do, such as focusing or relaxing. It'll even nag you if it catches you turning to your smartphone when you're supposed to be studying.

Beyond that? Tisplay shows ads on creators' clothing for livestreaming services like Twitch. Medeo uses AI to automatically add effects and music to video while you're recording it, saving you the trouble of editing later. Prismit uses AI to find the top five articles that represent a given topic. SnailSound is a hearing assistant that uses AI on your phone to calibrate an earpiece and improve your listening. Perfume Blender, meanwhile, takes snapshots of your favorite perfumes, finds common ingredients and suggests options that have those materials in common.

And in case it wasn't busy enough, eight companies are spinning out of C-Lab at the same time. These include Mopic (glasses-free 3D), Linkflow (neckband 360-degree camera), Lululab (AI skincare assistant), Welt (smart health care belt), Cooljamm Company (automated music production), Monit (smart baby monitor), Analogue Plus (helmet communicator) and Bluefeel (portable air purifier and mini head fan). As usual, Samsung is betting that at least some C-Lab ideas are strong enough to be viable products -- they might not be gigantic hits, but they could find their way to your hands.