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Image credit: Daniele Badolato/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Netflix's Juventus FC documentary premieres February 16th

'First Team: Juventus' covers the team during its ongoing season.

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Daniele Badolato/Juventus FC via Getty Images

You won't have to wait much longer to see how Netflix handles a soccer (aka football) documentary. The service is premiering the first three episodes of its Juventus FC docuseries, First Team: Juventus, on February 16th. The show will cover the high-ranking Italian team's drama both on and off the pitch, whether it's the individual players or the coaches shouting at the sidelines. The second portion of the series should premiere later in 2018.

For Netflix, this is a grand experiment. It seldom ventures into sports, and it's ambitious to cover one of the best-known sports teams on the planet. Having said this, don't be shocked if there are more shows like this if First Team is even mildly successful. It could help Netflix court sports fans who'd otherwise turn to documentaries on conventional TV, and there's pressure to compete against Amazon's fledgling sports lineup.

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