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SpaceX plans to fire the Falcon Heavy rocket’s engines on Wednesday

Or it may not. Who really knows anymore?

SpaceX has announced a new (tentative) static fire date for its Falcon Heavy rocket. The test is currently scheduled for no earlier than Wednesday, according to Spaceflight Now.

This doesn't mean the static fire test will actually happen Wednesday -- the priority here is a Wet Dress Rehearsal (WDR), in which the team goes through the launch countdown, up to 10 seconds before actual launch. It's only if this goes well that SpaceX will move on to the static fire. Once that test is conducted successfully, a launch date will be set.

This process has been delayed by numerous issues, from conflicting launches to the government shutdown. What's more, the size and complexity of the rocket necessarily means there will be unexpected delays. The wait might be frustrating, but it's a good thing that SpaceX is going slow. Keep an eye on this article, as I'll continue to update as we wait for the static fire test to occur.

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