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The Morning After: Biting into an iPhone battery

You'll guess what happens next.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Today might be the day that SpaceX lights up its Falcon Heavy rocket, and the Apple HomePod finally has a release date: February 9th.

A single model might go away, but its influence will be seen across Apple's iPhone lineup.Apple isn't really killing the iPhone X

When KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo pens a research note, it's not just his clients who tear into the results -- the tech community does, too. His latest report has lead to interpretations that the iPhone X could be scrapped or killed or cancelled. Gasp! While we don't know how many iPhone Xs Apple has sold, the general consensus is that X sales may have fallen short of expectations. Let's put these sales forecasts aside -- what's done is done. If Apple does discontinue the existing iPhone X, it won't really be about killing its latest phone, but about the future family of Apple smartphones.

So good.The Big Picture: AI's intelligence and stupidity in one photo-stitch fail

And yet so wrong.

Because it might explode in your face.This is why you shouldn't bite an iPhone battery

If idiots aren't ingesting Tide pods, they might be gnawing at smartphone batteries. Don't do either.

Pre-orders start Friday.Apple's $349 HomePod smart speaker will ship February 9th

After a delay, Apple has established a release date for its Siri-connected smart speaker. The HomePod is more expensive than competition from Amazon and Google, but could justify its price with audio quality, commitment to privacy and mics that purport to pick up your "Hey Siri" command even in noisy rooms.

At the earliest.SpaceX could test fire the Falcon Heavy rocket today

After being delayed due to the government shutdown, SpaceX's massive Falcon Heavy rocket could attempt a hotfire test this afternoon between noon and 6 PM ET.

They sync up with the site's interactive vids to mimic onscreen movements.
Pornhub branches out into interactive sex toys

Before the sex robots take over, we still have time to get our rocks off with one another (and ourselves). And Pornhub is here to lend a hand, or an interactive sex toy -- or three, to be precise. The largest pornography site on the net has been syncing its interactive adult movies with the Fleshlight Launch and Kiroo's Onyx since June, and now it's adding its own brand-spanking-new haptic toys (the Virtual Rabbit, Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker and Virtual Blowbot Stroker) to the list.

Folded up, it's as small as a smartphone.DJI unveils its $799 Mavic Air drone

This tiny UAV is built to be a remarkable flying camera that's easy to carry around. The Mavic Air can fly for 21 minutes on a charge, has 4K video recording and 8GB of onboard storage. Meanwhile, its Advanced Pilot Awareness System is smart enough to detect and avoid obstacles without human intervention, track objects automatically and help take pictures in the form of spherical panoramas or along the path of a boomerang. Pre-orders are open now, with the first units shipping on January 28th.

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