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Lenovo’s VR Classroom kits come with Daydream headsets

The kits launch in April.

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Lenovo will soon release its VR Classroom setup, which will let teachers guide their students through virtual field trips. Each kit comes with the first standalone Daydream VR headset, Lenovo's Mirage Solo with Daydream, which arrives preloaded with over 700 Google Expeditions VR field trips as well as three exclusive Jane Goodall "Wild Immersion" videos. The VR field trips allow classrooms to explore the world and in order to help facilitate the learning experience, the videos include stopping points during which teachers can add more information or answer questions as well as talking points for teachers. Additionally, online lesson plans will be available to assist teachers in getting the most from the kit.

Along with headsets and software, the kit comes with a Lenovo Tab 4 PLUS 10-inch tablet, a Ruckus R510 commercial router, a cart or case depending on the size of the kit being purchased, training videos, expert consultation and monthly webinars.

Google Expeditions got started in 2015 as a limited-release learning platform, and it saw a wide release the following year. Last year, Google debuted a solo mode that made it easier for people to experience Expeditions outside of a classroom setting.

Lenovo's VR Classroom will be available this April in the US and the fall for Canada. There are three kit tiers -- a three-student pack, a 10-student pack and a 24-student pack -- with the lowest tier starting at $2,899.

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