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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

HomePods and Clips everywhere.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend! Google and Apple have new hardware to sell -- if you're willing to wait for it -- and we might have our first look at the Galaxy S9.

How quickly do you need it?Google's $249 AI-powered Clips camera is finally on sale

We got our first look at the Google Clips camera in October, and now it's available for you to buy. The tiny $249 camera shoots short videos and uses AI to find the best stills or motion photo highlights within before passing them to a connected phone. It's a very different approach to cameras, but if you're interested, then the first ones should arrive by the end of next month.

But is it better than two Sonos Ones?Hands-on (again) with Apple's HomePod

Seven months after his first impression with Apple's $349 smart speaker, Chris Velazco got a second look just as it became available for pre-orders. Facing competition from Amazon, Google and Sonos, he'll explain out why this one "sounds like the speaker to beat," and which hurdles could keep it from the crown.

A single model might go away, but its influence will be seen across Apple's iPhone lineup.Apple isn't really killing the iPhone X

When KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo pens a research note, it's not just his clients who tear into the results -- the tech community does, too. His latest report has lead to interpretations that the iPhone X could be scrapped or killed or cancelled. Gasp! While we don't know how many iPhone Xs Apple has sold, the general consensus is that X sales may have fallen short of expectations. Let's put these sales forecasts aside -- what's done is done. If Apple does discontinue the existing iPhone X, it won't really be about killing its latest phone, but about the future family of Apple smartphones.

Because it might explode in your face.This is why you shouldn't bite an iPhone battery


Mark your calendar.SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch is reportedly set for February 6th

There's no official announcement yet, but according to Chris G. of, the massive SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket could fire up its 27 engines and take flight as soon as February 6th.

Hope you liked the Galaxy S8Leaked Galaxy S9 render shows a modest design update

Evan Blass (aka @EVLeaks) has posted images of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ ahead of their debut at MWC 2018 and... they look pretty much like the last model. That's probably a good thing, considering how much we liked the Galaxy S8, but a few extra sensors point to potential iPhone X-like features.

These special edition PG2s drop February 10th.Nike's 'PlayStation' shoes make hypebeasts out of gamers

It's not often we see a shoe that appeals to both the sneakerhead and gamer communities. But Nike managed to do exactly that with the PG2, the second signature model of professional basketball player Paul George, which features a design inspired by Sony's PlayStation console and its DualShock controller.

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