Google's $249 AI-powered Clips camera is finally on sale

But it could take a month or more to show up.

At its Pixel 2 launch event last year, Google also revealed its tiny Clips camera, that uses AI to figure out when it should take a picture or video. Now the $249 device has quietly become available for purchase on its website, however as Android Police notes, it could take a while to arrive. Depending on the address used, I saw potential delivery dates between range between February 27th and March 5th.

So should you order one? While most cameras rely on your best guess about when to take a picture, Google Clips has had its AI trained by pro photographers. The 2-inch square has a shutter button 12MP sensor, 130-degree field of view and 16GB of storage to save up to 3 hours of selected video. Chris Velazco was impressed by the results during our hands-on test in October, but we'll need more time to find out how good it is at sorting through daily life for the highlights, and if we feel secure with its strategy of sending the results to a paired phone.