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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Get ready for the Galaxy S9.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. We're hours away from Samsung's big Galaxy S9 event, so catch up on this week's news and get ready for the liveblog starting at noon ET on Sunday.

Rumors, leaks and hopefully no lies.Samsung Galaxy S9: What to expect from Unpacked 2018

Samsung is primed to unveil its latest flagship. Fortunately for anyone desperate to hear what's coming on February 25th, there's been no shortage of leaks and renders before the big day. Take a look at everything we know going into tomorrow's big reveal.

And now Google Lens can spot different dog breeds.Android's official augmented reality toolkit is available to the public

Google just released ARCore 1.0, letting anyone publish Android apps that take advantage of the toolkit to meld virtual objects with the real world. The 13 devices that support ARCore right now are common devices like Google's Pixel phones, Samsung's Galaxy S7/S8/Note 8 lines, LG's V30, ASUS' Zenfone AR and the OnePlus 5. Also, The AR-based Lens discovery feature will soon roll out to anyone using Google Photos in English, whether you're using Android or iOS.

Remember this?Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat could launch in March

Rumors indicate that Apple's souped-up wireless charging mat could go on sale in March, about six months after it was announced.

Small, but big.The Big Picture: A trapped atom is visible to the naked eye

This photo, Single Atom in an Ion Trap, just won the grand prize in the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) science photo and imaging contest.

Not so boring this time.Elon Musk gets Hyperloop digging permit in Washington, DC

It's preliminary, but this time he has it in writing.

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