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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

After the apology tour is over.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend! While the folks at Facebook are probably ready for a break, we're highlighting all of the gaming news from GDC 2018 and preparing for next week's Apple event.

'Once you commit to a television format, you're a TV movie.'Spielberg doesn't think Netflix should win Oscars

In an interview, Steven Spielberg stated that content on Netflix should be considered television...and ineligible for Oscars.

Count the apologies.Bad Password: Let's stop pretending Facebook cares

Columnist Violet Blue reminds us of a critical factor in this Cambridge Analytica mess: That Facebook only pretends to care -- in the ways least affecting its business model -- isn't new.

Most companies put two test drivers in each vehicle.Uber's self-driving policies, tech face questions after fatal crash

While we still haven't seen a final determination of fault in the incident where a self-driving Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian, the New York Times points out statistics that suggest its technology isn't yet up to par with the competition. Additionally, Jalopnik found that Uber is an outlier when it comes to having a single test driver in the car, and sensor provider Velodyne claims its Lidar should've detected the woman in the road -- but it's up to Uber's technology to hit the brakes or avoid her.

March 27th, 11 AM ET.What to expect from Apple's education-themed 'Field Trip' event

Normally, when Apple goes to the trouble of putting on an event, it's somewhere near the company's home base in sunny Cupertino. Not this time! After deciding not to hold a March keynote last year, Apple now has plans to hold court in Chicago's prestigious Lane Tech College Prep school. This "field trip," as Apple's calling it, is far from business as usual, but with days to go before the event kicks off, we've got a few ideas about what you can expect Apple to unveil in the Windy City. Oh, and get ready for a liveblog experience -- this one won't have a video stream.

Much-maligned, sometimes-loved.The story of the Duke, the Xbox pad that existed because it had to

Somehow, while Microsoft was studying people's living rooms before it launched the original Xbox, it seemingly never took notice of how big the gamepads for competing consoles were or thought about how the console would be perceived outside the US. Find out how the Duke controller happened, as well as how and why it's making a comeback.

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