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Cambridge Analytica’s acting CEO is stepping down

Alexander Tayler will return to his previous role as chief data officer.

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Embattled tech firm Cambridge Analytica announced that its acting CEO, Alexander Tayler, is stepping down to resume his post as chief data officer. The company's board suspended and began investigating its previous head exec Alexander Nix a month ago after he was caught boasting about using propaganda and blackmail on behalf of previous clients.

The announcement didn't indicate who would replace Tayler. A day before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went before Congress to detail the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the tech firm released its own version of events, which unsurprisingly framed its actions as within legal bounds. As the chief executive began answering questions on Capitol Hill yesterday, the social network released a tool letting users check if the tech firm accessed their information. When Zuckerberg returned for a second day in front of Congress, he revealed that his data was also accessed by Cambridge Analytica.

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