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Amazon will install a full smart home security system for you

You'll only have to pay once, and packages include the installation fee.

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Amazon has been beefing up its home security business for quite some time now; earlier this year, it even purchased smart doorbell company Ring to take Google-owned Nest head on. Now, TechCrunch has discovered a portal on the company's Smart Home Services section offering full smart home packages. The five packages' prices cover in-home visits from experts, the smart home devices you want to install and their installation fee. Based on the information on the portal -- Amazon hasn't formally announced the service yet -- you'll only have to pay once. It has no monthly service fees some other providers charge.

The cheapest package on offer will set you back $240 and include an Echo Dot and an indoor and outdoor lighting system designed to make it look like you're home. If you're willing to shell out $840, you can get the biggest package, which includes an Echo Dot, a smart siren, motion, door and window sensors, a Ring video doorbell, an Amazon Cloud Cam, a wireless speaker you can program to play sounds of dog barking or other sounds that make it seem like you're home, an air quality monitor, a smart home hub, motion-detecting solar lights, motion-detecting spotlights and a smart flood and leak sensor.

If you take a look at the reviews on the portal, it looks like Amazon has been offering the service since at least December. The packages seem like a great way to get a full smart home installation in one go if you'd rather not buy devices one by one and install them yourself. That is, if you're willing to trust Amazon to install your home security system. Unfortunately, it's unclear if the service is available nationwide or only in select areas for now -- we've reached out to Amazon for more info and will update you once we hear back.

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