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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

No notch.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend! Along with our highlights from the past week, we have some AirPod-like earbuds and a jet thruster that could help keep your motorcycle upright.

Now boarding.Boeing's folding wingtips get the FAA green light

Passengers on Boeing's new line of 777 planes might not have to take a bus from the gate across the tarmac, despite much larger wings potentially making it difficult for the aircraft to navigate terminals. That's because the company received Federal Aviation Administration approval today for its folding wingtips -- those will let the planes stop at airport gates big enough to accommodate typical 777 models.

Unlike the SoundSport Free and AirPods, these don't stick out. Jabra Elite 65t review

The Elite 65t avoids the common pitfalls of true wireless earbuds with great sound and enough battery life to ensure you're not charging several times a day. Plus, it's not just one of the best wireless options -- at $170 it's an affordable one too.

'Like a magic hand.'Bosch jet thruster blasts your motorcycle out of a skid

Did you lean into a steep curve, hit a patch of gravel or sand and start to slide in an unrecoverable way? Bosch is designing a sensor that will detect the wheel slip and fire gas from an airbag-type accumulator out of a tank side nozzle, creating reverse thrust that miraculously rights your motorcycle.

No notch?Lenovo teases a true all-screen phone

Teasing a sketch and part of a render, Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng showed off a smartphone that's nearly all screen. The Lenovo Z5, he said, would have a screen ratio of 95 percent and packs "18 patented technologies." Where could it hide elements like a front-facing camera? Your guess is as good as ours.

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