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Nikon teases a substantial lens mount and grip for its new camera

It also takes us on a nostalgic tour of its classic professional bodies.

Nikon is not exactly known for breathless marketing, but it's going all out for its upcoming mirrorless full-frame camera. The company has unveiled yet another video teaser called "Mount" that gives us a good look at the shape of the camera, especially the grip and lens mount.The latter has four interlocking tabs, rather than three like its DSLR models, and is pretty large for the size of the body. The grip also looks more stout than the one on Sony's A7 III.

It's hard to read much into this without knowing the full camera dimensions, but it does look like Nikon is making a pitch to professionals with the new model. Many still won't use Sony's full-frame mirrorless cameras as they find that the grip is too small for tough shooting situations, and that their hands don't fit between the lens and grip when wearing gloves.

Nikon also emphasized its pro bonafides with a nostalgic tour of bodies past, flaunting flagship models like the D5 used by working photographers. It also pointed out that "this new mount is Nikon's response to the challenges of the future," implying that it might have some extra upgrade powers down the road. We'll have to wait until August 23rd to find out what those might be, but in the meanwhile, Nikon has promised more teasers to come.

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