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Now you can disable threaded Gmail conversations for iOS and Android

You can toggle off the setting on the web.

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Google has continued to tweak its Gmail mobile apps to try and make things better for its users. The company introduced AI-powered notifications for iOS, added custom swipe actions for Android and has tweaked its threaded conversation view for years. Search for this latter feature on Google, however, and you'll see a ton of people asking how to disable it. Now Google has made it so you can turn this option off for the Gmail app on iOS and Android.

You can turn the view off on the web with a dip into the Settings menu, then toggling "Conversation View" off there. The setting will then carry forward to the Gmail app on your mobile devices as well. While you can't toggle the feature off directly with the app itself, at least this way you can kill a feature if you're one of the folks that hate it.

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