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Choose your own swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android

You can specify right and left swipe actions in Gmail preferences.
Rob LeFebvre
Rob LeFebvre|@roblef|June 8, 2018 2:48 PM

While swipe gestures to deal with your email have been around for some time, Gmail for Android just made them even better. If you're running the latest version of the Gmail app (8.5.20) on your phone, you'll now be able to customize the swipe actions instead of just use the default settings. We've confirmed the new functionality, which was originally spotted by Android Police and reported by 9to5Google.

You can enable the new Swipe actions feature in Gmail's General settings screen, then tap through to the specific Swipe actions page. You'll then be able to choose what happens when you right or left swipe, including Archive, Delete, Mark as read or unread, Move to, Snooze or None. This brings the Gmail app (on Android, at least) up to par with Gmail's web mail's ability to snooze your emails until later.

Once you reconfigure your swipe action, it should work across the entirety of the Gmail app. Now you're in charge of what happens when you swipe on an email. According to Android Police, the update has been rolling out over the past week, so you should see it soon if you don't already.

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Choose your own swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android