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Apple and Google will testify to Senate on data privacy September 26th

Amazon, AT&T and Charter will also be present.

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More tech companies are about to face congressional scrutiny. Leaders from Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter and Google are scheduled to testify before a US Senate panel at a data privacy hearing on September 26th. Senators will grill the companies on their existing approaches to privacy, how Congress can press for "clear privacy expectations" and how firms will adapt to stricter requirements like the European Union's GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

To some extent, you may know how companies will respond. Apple, for instance, has positioned itself as a champion of privacy and implemented policies insisting on privacy even for third-parties. Similarly, telecoms like AT&T have insisted that they don't sell browser histories. The question is whether or not senators will challenge any of these companies at the hearing, and that may not happen given that the Senate approved a rollback of ISP privacy rules in 2017.

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