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'Making a Murderer: Part 2' trailer shows the fight isn't over

Avery's defenders want nothing less than to overturn his conviction.

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You no longer have to wonder how Making a Murderer: Part 2 will portray Steven Avery's continuing legal battle. Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of the documentary, and it portrays the quest to overturn Avery's conviction as an attempt to right an injustice. The production indicates that Avery's lawyer Kathleen Zellner is attempting nothing less than to "up-end the system," and suggests that there's evidence that could make Avery a free man. It also paints a sympathetic view of Avery and fellow convict Brendan Dassey.

To some extent, you already know how the story goes. A court overturned Dassey's conviction in 2016 over arguments that police coerced him into a false confession, only for the Supreme Court to refuse to hear his appeal after the conviction was restored. You can also spoil Avery's fate in Part 2 with a web search, if you're so inclined.

The real question may be whether or not the documentary paints a complete picture. Critics have noted that the initial episodes left out elements that supported the convictions, including call records showing victim Teresa Halbach's fear of visiting Avery, the presence of her belongings on the scene and a bullet with her DNA. The series has helped draw attention to a problematic case, but you might want to watch Part 2 with a cautious eye.

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