Lenovo's eccentric product design is winning over powerful friends

The company 's director of consumer product joined us on stage at CES to explain.

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Cherlynn Low
January 9th, 2019
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Lenovo has evolved in the past few years to become much more than just a PC company. It's launched multiple connected home devices, like Alexa-enabled speakers, as well as the first Google Assistant-based smart display and smart clock. But it's also brought us more, shall we say, unique products like the Yoga Book and a dock to turn your tablet into an Echo Show. These more-unexpected devices are examples of how Lenovo innovates, but there's more to them than a simple desire to try new things. It turns out the company being able to bring novel ideas to market helps show partners like Google and Amazon why Lenovo is a good launch partner. The company's director of consumer products Wahid Razali joined us on stage at CES 2019 to discuss its innovations and plans for 2019.

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